Yacht Construction

Build your dream yacht with Independence Yachts.

Thanks to the agreements we have established overtime we are able to provide you with the yacht of your dreams. If your desire is to acquire a new construction yacht, we will manage it in the best conditions and with the best delivery times. If you have not yet decided regarding the shipyard, we will be pleased to guide and advise you according to your preferences and needs. We have the best shipyards specialized in the construction of new yachts, always to the taste of the most demanding clients. Building a new yacht fun, but it also takes time and effort that sometimes you cannot assume. Your Independence Yachts dedicated broker will protect your interests at every stage, ensuring that costs are controlled and that the quality at the time of construction is in line with the contract and your needs.


All technical, legal, financial, logistical or other aspects that may arise will be covered by Independence Yachts. You will be continuously informed of the process until its completion.

Perfect Coordination

We will mediate and coordinate at all times with the project manager, experts, inspectors and any party involved to make the construction a resounding success.

New Build 1

If you are thinking of buying a new yacht, contact us and we will quote you the yacht of your dreams in the best conditions and price.

Premium Shipyards

Italian, German, Spanish, English shipyards and a good number of other shipyards trust Independence Yachts.


Thanks to these excellent relationships, we have the ability to negotiate for our clients exceptional prices on their new yacht as well as ensure that each construction process is completed in a timely manner, thus avoiding any surprises.


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