Nautical consultancy in Mallorca

Yacht building and investment

We build your dream yacht

We have access to the best shipyards specialised in the construction of new yachts, always meeting the most exacting standards set by our customers. We work in close cooperation with the most reliable shipyards with over 70 years of national and international experience.

Why should you choose Independence Yachts?

We guarantee and supervise every aspect of the new build project, with a signed guarantee to our customers of the project’s success and rigorous execution.

Regardless of country in which they are located, all of our shipyards are fully capable of building to the highest quality standards.

The construction of a new yacht requires enthusiasm and passion, but also time and effort that sometimes you cannot personally provide. Your Independence Yachts broker will protect your interests at every stage, ensuring that costs are controlled and that quality is maintained throughout the building project in accordance with the contract and with your needs.

Therefore, during the building of your yacht we will always be at your full disposal to provide you with the necessary advice as well as to closely supervise the project at the shipyard. Once we have acquainted ourselves with your desires and needs, we will deal with and coordinate on your behalf all the parties involved, such as the project manager, surveyors, inspectors and any further services required in order to ensure that the building project becomes a success.

In short, your broker, Independence Yachts, will provide wraparound assistance encompassing all technical, legal, financial and logistical aspects or any other issues that may arise, and you will be kept permanently informed of the progress achieved until its completion with the success that you deserve and that we can offer you.

Consultancy in yacht purchasing, chartering and sale

Our team of engineers, economists, lawyers, etc., will provide you with comprehensive advice and nautical consultancy services, offering high added value solutions and optimising acquisition, management and operation processes. Not only will the advice provided by our brokers safeguard the success of your investment projects but also our legal and technical expert opinions will ensure that you obtain the best purchase or operation, pursuant to the most exacting quality standards.

Professional nautical consultancy
asesoramiento-fiscal nautica
Tax advice
asesoria nautica
Advice for ship registration
asesoria nautica
Status reports, audits and valuations
consultoria nautica
Title reports, including charges
consultoria nautica legal
Drafting of legal documents and forms
consultoria nautica
Management scheme for chartered yachts
consultoria nautica
Tax-exempt special schemes for foreign-registered vessels

Management – Premium Services

Don´t worry, we´ll take care of everything

Yacht management consists of providing assistance and advice both to owners and to their captains, ensuring that the yacht is maintained, managed and administered to the highest possible standards. Owners can then relax and make the most of their time on board, without a care, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that even the tiniest details are being taken care of.

Services offered by Independence Yachts

Our team has the experience and expertise that is required in order to provide owners with a management service capable of covering the full range of large yacht operations. From financial reporting to time monitoring in shipyards, our service reduces downtime periods and costs while ensuring effective management and budget control. With our comprehensive approach, we are able to offer greater security, enjoyment and tranquillity.

Technical assistance

Concerning technical and maintenance tasks, we coordinate and supervise routine maintenance, as well as yacht repair works and deal with regulatory bodies: classification societies, ship registries and other administrative bodies.

Financial management

We handle the entire financial management of a yacht´s expenses, working on the basis of an annual budget and delivering monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

Investment. Buy a yacht under our charter management programme and enjoy it cost-free

Buy your yacht under Independence Yachts’ charter management programme and you will enjoy significant tax savings as well as high returns. Our extensive experience allows us to offer the best returns for your investment, as well as professional maintenance and care of your yacht, with a careful selection of every single customer. You will be able to choose and purchase your yacht under our advice and supervision and it will be registered in your name (either through a company or a community of property under your control).

We have a large number of yachts for sale at the best market prices, licensed to be legally chartered in Spain and in other countries so if you purchase one of them you will receive the following benefits:

  • Enjoy your yacht whenever you want to and when you request it, we will charter the yacht so that you can obtain yearly savings on the costs of mooring, crew, insurance, maintenance, etc…
  • You won´t need to worry about your yacht as we will take care of everything.
  • Depending on the number of weeks that your yacht is chartered, you will not only save on costs, you may also obtain an annual profit.

Finally, with Independence Yachts you can get significant savings in the various stages of a yacht purchase operation. Our quotes are flexible, and we can review any terms at your request.

Do you need a crew? We have the best professionals

Whether you are looking for crew for the entire year, for a season, for a few days or just as a stop-gap solution, we will help you find the right professionals thanks to our extensive network of contacts within the nautical industry and a qualified database of trusted crew members.

We have the best professionals

We personally interview each of the candidates, checking no fewer than three references and verifying all their certificates.
When we receive your request, we immediately start working to identify the most suitable candidates. Crew members are carefully selected according to your exact criteria, thus ensuring that they have the right qualifications, certificates and skills.

Our crew service offers a legal, robust and cost-effective structure to employ your yacht’s crew. Working alongside the captain and under the direction of the ship owner, we provide a full suite of crew management services.

And of course, if for any reason a member of the crew that we have provided is not to your liking, we will immediately replace the employee according to your instructions. Try our crew service and you will understand why so many ship owners usually rely on us.